Monday, June 9

Moral Dilemma

Time to return to Boston. We were up at 4am to drive to the airport in time for our 7am direct flight home.

We made good time and as I walked to the kiosk to print our boarding pass Anne glanced at the big screens.

"Darling, I think our flight has been canceled", said Anne.

For some reason I looked at my mobile and noticed a voicemail. Indeed the flight was canceled and we'd been placed on a 1pm flight, some 6 hours later.

We went to the counter and Pedro confirmed our plight, only when he said 1pm Anne exclaimed "Leave at 1pm, I thought we were landing at 1pm".

Set in motion Pedro scrambled to find us a non-direct route home and 20 minutes later we were on the JetBlue flight to JFK.

After a quick break for magazines and coffee we boarded the 2nd flight from JFK to Boston.

We were on the back row and taxi-ing on the runway when a woman ran down the aisle from row 20 asking if she could use the bathroom.

The flight attendant said "No, you should not be up when we are taxi-ing, return to your seat". She said it in a bit of a bitch-slappy fashion.

The lady actually wanted to bring her 5 year to the bathroom because she had "Had an accident" on the seat.

There followed a repetitive circus of the mom crouching in the seat well trying to change the kid, the flight attendant telling her to sit down, beepers beeping, mom shrieking, flight attendant shouting until finally we heard the flight attendant on the phone to the pilot (who had 2 minutes earlier announced we were #23 in line for take-off).

A minute later the plane accelerated, not to the runway, but back to the gate. The pilot came on again and said, "We have a situation".

The police and TSA came on board. The mom cried, other passengers began a revolution against the flight attendant, everyone else got up to pee.

Another 40 later the mom was allowed to stay on, and our 35 minute flight took off with no drinks service as the flight attendant hid in the back of the plane.

Amazing how everyone turns into a human-rights lawyer when these events occur.

I was in the minority agreeing with the flight attendant. Throw the bitch and her pissing kids off was my view.

In the words of Mary J Blige. No More Drama!

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