Saturday, July 5

Are the Celtics playing? No Idea

We live close to the Cambridge prison. It's an unconventional prison utilizing just the top 4 floors of a 24 storey high-rise in an otherwise low-rise neighborhood.

The prisoners are male, or deep-voiced lesbians. I know this because they sometimes shout down to Anne in our garden and ask her to take her top off. They never ask me.

I can tell when there's a basketball game on because they cheer every long-three.

But this is all in the past tense now, because the prisoners were moved out today to a nicer, less asbestossy, jail in the suburbs.

At least they got to see the July 4th fireworks one last time.

Our neighborhood continues to be radicalized to oppose every new direction the disused prison takes. Our one choice appears to be. Knock it down.

We did have some shocking news this week. One of the neighborhood leaders died. Word on the street is that he jumped off the Tobin. Yuk.

Here's a rendering of what the prison may finally look like.

Renders always look better than actual life!

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