Friday, July 18

Joys of travel

I've been in San Diego the past few days.

Tuesday night a driver picked me up at the airport, asked me what I did for a living and then proceeded to tell me about his graphic design business. He made large format banners, and in his own words, "Mostly of big titties." 20 minutes later and he was still talking tits.

Hotel is lovely! Stayed here before, and it follows my hotel/wi-fi algorithm.

The more expensive the hotel the less satisfying the internet experience. Hotel was about $450 a night. wi-fi didn't work. I bet the wi-fi at the Red Roof Inn on the I-5 worked just fine.

Wednesday was a work day with a new client, but that didn't stop my business partner Maria having time to pose for this shot.

And then to Thursday. Up at 3.30am for 4am checkout. I had a 6.15 departure to Dallas.

If you looked at a map of the US for Thursday morning you would have seen there was no weather anywhere, except thunderstorms in Dallas.

Finally got on the plane at 8.30. Then the pilot told us we couldn't fly - Dallas has shut the airport. An hour later and no change so he let us off the plane to go buy (in my case) expensive 'artisan' chocolate.

There's been a few instances recently of high profile celebs giving up their business class seats to troops. Fuck that! The one army guy on our plane was a total tool and made inappropriate comments about going back to Fort Hood to shoot guns as he slammed his bag into the overhead compartment.

We finally took off at 11am. When I landed at Dallas 3 hours late for my connection ... that never took off I was confronted with a scene of mayhem! Everyone was playing catch up. Amazingly I got a flight that took off at 9pm.

Our flight attendant was a bit of a kook. Bringing around some steaming cocktails that looked like they were concocted in a mad scientist's lab. Nobody took one.

As we landed at 1.30am she tried being funny on the speaker system. I cracked a smile and then remembered I had parked in the economy lot and would need to get a shuttle bus.

Finally home about 2am. On a work day no less!

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