Saturday, July 12

What's in your wallet?

Credit cards are like airlines, they're all pretty average and your favorite one is determined by how few times they fuck up.

Capital One are my United.

Earlier this year I noticed that my Capital One card had been compromised - a word I think we all lifted from binge-watching a few too many seasons of 24.

I was particularly happy because it meant that every one of my 3 credit cards had seen fraudulent charges over the previous 2 months. What can I say? I shop a lot at Target.

Months later, in fact on Memorial Day, I was enjoying an 8 mile round-trip walk to and from my office when Capital One called me to say that Card #2 had been attacked again.

Impressed that they had caught this one instead of me, I walked them through each fraudulent charge as I continued my hot and humid walk through Cambridge.

Card #3 arrived late May but it seemed like Capital One were slow to clear the fraudulent charges, so I didn't use the card in June.

By the end of June new fraudulent charges (I'm calling them fraud #3) had shown up on my statement so I called Capital One and they assured me this was just a hold-over from the previous fraud. I reminded them they had yet to remove the bad charges from May and they wiped them.

Happy and resolved I began to use Card #3 until last week when their fraud department called me again. It seems Card #3 was compromised with fraud #3 and they wanted to send out a new Card.

Given that I had not used Card #3 when fraud charges #3 occurred I had simple question. "How can I be sure that you won't screw up again?"

To paraphrase Capital One's fraud guy, "This time they would really tighten up their security process."

Obviously this annoyed me so I asked that they cancel my card and tell me my final balance so that I could pay off my outstanding charges.

He couldn't tell me that information. Instead he just re-explained what had transpired as if magically repeating the fuck-up would placate me 30 minutes into a phone call on a busy work day.

That's when I also decided to close my savings account with them.

Today is 10 days later. It's a sunny day and I already have a new credit card from another (probably just as bad) credit card company. 

Arriving home from another hot and humid walk around Cambridge I opened the mailbox to find, not one, not two, not three, but yes! Four letters from Capital One.

None of them were of any use.

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