Thursday, August 14

70 reasons for a great day out

Today is my mum's 70th Birthday.

Happy Birthday mum!

After some frenzied gift opening we kicked off with Breakfast at Zoe's where my dad tackled the Waffle Slammer!

Next we took a ferry out to Georges Island for a few hours of walking (I got my mum a FitBit) and sunburn.

Lots of fun facts as you cruise the Harbor Islands. You learn about mental institutions, hangings, sewage treatment, squatters rights, trash dumping and a bunch of things the British did as they exited Boston.

Here's a photo of my parents stood in a hole next to me.

On the way back to Boston I think our tour guide was drunk.

And tonight we headed to No9 Park for some fancy-schmancy fine dining. We went for the Tasting Menu and paired the wines ... because why not?

One reason why not is because afterwards outside the restaurant I had $3 in one hand for the valet to find us a taxi, and $20 for the taxi.

Imagine my surprise when I came to pay the taxi driver with the $3 in my hand. The valet must think I am some kind of big shot!

And if 7 courses wasn't enough we also got my mum a cake!

Not to worry, tomorrow will be a mini-golf, burgers and ice cream day.

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