Sunday, August 17

Bit of a Dick

Went to my once-a-year excuse to drink $9 Coors Light and day-dream. AKA baseball.

We had the good seats where the waitress brings you drinks.

Guy in front of us asked for pizza. When told they had none, he slapped his knees in disgust and then death stared ahead while the waitress hung around for 30 seconds to see if he had an alternate.

He did not.

When the game started the lady on the front row leaned forward placing her arms on the balcony. The knee-slapper tapped her on the shoulder and said he couldn't see the pitcher if she did that. Awkward silence as she sat back in her seat.

All the time the guy's kid was sneezing every 8 seconds. What a delight.

I haven't gone all Instagram with this shot. I just pressed the wrong button on my phone!

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