Saturday, August 9

(Y)Our Nation's Capital

Took a quick trip to DC this weekend with my parents.

Other than dozens of selfies, the highlights were ....

Sweatily walking The Mall to see the checklist sights of Capitol, Needle, Lincoln and White House.

Avoiding jokes about Daniel Day Lewis at the Lincoln Memorial and instead focusing on the Asian tourists sat on the steps having some important Lincoln speech read to them in their native language.

Watching Buddhist monks tackle iPad videoing as douche bags walked in front of them to challenge their serenity.

Lunch in a cool neighborhood with Jeff and Sean!

A turquoise clad QuinceaƱera outside the Capitol with a tough looking lady chauffeur in black leather gloves with a clipboard.

Steak at Top Chef alumni Spike's restaurant.

Peace and quiet at the Arlington cemetery as I people-watched to see if anyone was angered by visitors from former foes.

At his memorial, Anne's quick facts about Jefferson and his extra-curriculum affairs.

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