Friday, September 26

Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye

I had LASIK surgery today. Having managed to avoid LASIK surgery gone wrong videos on the internet I was relieved that all in all it went quite well.

This procedure created more legal documents than buying a house. The underlying message was, you chose this and if it goes tits up it's all your fault.

First you pop a valium. Then I was asked if I would like to have the surgery room blinds opened so that the reception area can see the procedure. I voted no on that one.

Once woozy, you then enter the room, lay down and they hand a teddy bear for you to hold on to. I found this strange, but it was better than having a stick placed between my teeth.

The procedure takes 10 minutes and is an elongated process of contraptions that hold your eye open, lots of droplets to keep the area wet, and .... the smell of burning when the laser hits your eye.

Once in a while the doc would say keep still, and in the background the laser operator chick shouted out random lines from a sci-fi B movie. "Laser optimized. Monitors set to moderate. Output reading 5.0".

Afterwards you can see! But then they stick you in a room for 30 minutes and tell you to close your eyes.

I left the building with plastic shields over my eyes as shown below. But I also had a pair of plastic wrap-around shades over the top.

I looked cool.

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