Wednesday, September 10

Just like Buses

You make one Frasier comment every 15 years and then another comes along a few days later.

A colleague of mine was flying back from the West Coast last night.

Because it was a red-eye she was in Business Class.

Who should sit next to her, but Kelsey Grammer!

He had a quick cocktail and then tried the seat recline. It wasn't up to his satisfaction.

So he finished his drink and got off the plane. As he left he suggested the airline in question should be ashamed to call the front few rows 'First Class'.

I hope they were listening. Boom!

If I'd have been on the plane I would have taken the chance to thank him for his cinematic masterpiece Down Periscope. It gets 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. At least 8% of those marks are from my parents.

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