Tuesday, November 18

1 Room Kitchenette

I've noticed that when Anne travels I basically get home from work, make dinner and go to bed and watch TV.

She's in San Francisco for a few days and last night was no exception.

I didn't get home from work until 10.30pm, but I kicked off my shoes, groaned at the junk mail, and then took a sandwich upstairs and ate it in bed as I half-watched Monday Night Football* and skimmed an article about the new Bob Dylan release of the famously bootlegged Basement Tapes. I had no idea he wrote the Mighty Quinn, the terrible Manfred Mann song that everyone I know sings as Mighty Quim.

* In one league I fell 1 point short of a tie. Basically if Kelvin Benjamin had gone for 110 yards instead of 109 I would have had a tie in the bag.

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