Thursday, November 13

Fans of Patriots AND Jets

When she's not rolling her eyes I like to think Anne has a modicum of respect for my stance against every single US sporting event needing the national anthem, and don't get me started on 300 ft US flags.

But she will not back down from her love of a good flyover.

As I headed to work this morning Anne was getting back from a client visit.

"Some F-15s are flying over at 8.15", she said like some sugar-rushed kid on Christmas Day.

Promising to look out for them I headed to work on Memorial alongside the Charles River. I saw hundreds of people stood looking into the horizon waiting for the jets to fly past.

Turns out the jets were 30 minutes late, which is probably the same amount of time everyone was late to work.

This is what I missed. I know ... they could just be fast flying geese from this far away.

I think the F stands for "Fuck Yeah"

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