Wednesday, November 19

No Dining Room table but ...

As much as I love living in New England the past winter was a real bitch. It felt like we had 5 months of freezing weather.

We were spared this week's Arctic chill as Buffalo got 5 feet of snow (and another 5 on the way), but it's only a matter of time before we're digging out the cars.

So our plan is to officially enter old age this winter and spend a few months somewhere warmer.

Specifically we're planning to return to the Bay Area (where we met!) for much of January and February.

This week Anne is spending time in Marin visiting short-term rental properties - we need a place to live ... while we look for a place to live ... and I still have to work everyday.

Overnight she e-mailed me a video of a cute condo in Tiburon, that is set up for professionals moving to the area who need a few months to stay while they get settled.

A nice kitchen, 2 perfectly acceptable bedrooms, a deck overlooking the bay towards San Francisco, and in the living room?

Naturally, a white piano.

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