Wednesday, January 14

1.7 miles ... uphill

So I'm trying my best to work on Eastern time so that by 3pm-ish I can finish up and head out to enjoy some California sun.

Today we decided to go for a hike.

From a list of recommended walks I chose the shortest, but as we drove up to the start point we felt the shadow of the mountain upon us!

So we had a great cardio workout as we climbed up to the summit.

All I could think was the news report after our hypothetical accident ... "No, they had no hiking gear, in fact they were in trainers and t-shirts".

Luckily we had no falls and the view from the top was incredible looking back to Larkspur, San Quentin and the Richmond Bridge.

Afterwards we took a windy (serpentine, not gusty) drive around Tiburon.

Anne commented that when I say Tiburon and Marin that I still sound like I am from Yorkshire. It's the same when I call someone a fucking twat. But not quite as poetic.

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