Saturday, January 10

Flying with United

A simple story of getting from Cambridge, MA to Larkspur, CA (our home for the next 7 weeks).

There are too many flavors of Class in the flying world (and I immediately think of this article).

There were 4 lines for the Business Class luggage dump at Logan, all different mishmashes of expensive metals combined with high ranking army officials … you are Platinum Field General so go in that line … Of course I had a run in with the passive aggressive guy in the powder blue United blazer. It made me feel a bit happier.

Everyone was well pissed that there was no wi-fi on the plane. You'd think they were infecting us with polio.

Chickola next to me was reading War and Peace - long flight ahead.

At SFO we collected our 5 bags and I headed for Fox Car Rental. No I had not heard of them either, but they gave us a deal on a car for 7 weeks.

Mr Taylor, I put you in Premium Car. To quote Anne, just because it's bigger doesn't make it Premium. It's still a Buick … with a wicked shimmy.

They closed the GG Bridge for the frist time in 77 years today. Nice. We'll go around.

Just as we pulled into the parking space at our temporary home the Patriots won. So that was nice ...

Also, our apartment complex is very green, and attracts tree frogs. Also nice.

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