Tuesday, January 24

A sunny afternoon and a long walk

Today we headed for a part of San Francisco that is close to a bunch of popular tourist sites. 

Yet neither of us have ever visited.

Fort Mason is wedged between the Palace of Fine Arts and the tourist kitsch of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Along the way we saw a middle-aged woman in a tutu skirt and heels walking 3 dogs that would be best described as Small, Medium and Large. 

My intention isn’t to shame her clothing choices. No. She had the most defined calf muscles we have ever seen. Good for her.

<<<  Next we saw this as we entered Fort Mason. 

It’s one of a number of Peace Madonna statues by Beniamino Bufano that are dotted around the city. 

The colorful part at the base is an ornate mosaic.

This part was pretty much the only hilly section of our walk - always a bonus in San Francisco. 

The Marina district is mostly reclaimed land. 

But the hill did give us the joy of seeing a family on rented bicycles. 

The kids had that letdown look on their faces as they tried and failed to maintain uphill momentum.

Next is a C shaped pier jutting out into the Bay. It’s awfully run down but gives you some amazing views of the GG Bridge, the City, Alcatraz and beyond.

There’s also a sign warning boats to watch out for swimmers. No swimmers today.

Finally we headed back around and towards Fisherman’s Wharf. We made it just past the Cable Cars, but there’s only so many themed restaurants you can walk past before you feel defeated by life.

We came back around the Fort on Bay Street where we saw this piece of savvy security. Apologies to the dog doing his business.

America. Home of the stupidest fences.

Along the way we came across some beautiful almost tropical plant-life. Great walk!

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