Wednesday, January 25

Cardio Time

Another bright and warm day and another long walk.

Today we took the cardio route and decided to walk uphill to Pacific Heights.

We took the walk out of sequence, starting at Broderick with a thigh burning climb.

At Vallejo you get to an even steeper part that even the Staircase Book says to avoid.

I'd guess it was a 60° incline with no steps. We saw some kids at the top with a big plastic sheet and an unhealthy death wish.

The cynic in me would say how nice Pac. Heights will be when it’s finished. 

There is so much refurb happening on every street, and you have to imagine it’s nouveau riche tech people!

I didn’t take any photos walking uphill. I was too busy gasping for air.

But here are some views from the Lyon staircase.

After a walk along the Presidio Fence you finally reach the Palace of Fine Arts. 

Anne and I visited this place 24 years ago with her room-mate Kathy - who noticed the entrance fee to an exhibit was a suggestion. 

She suggested we pay nothing.

From there it’s a short walk to the Bay, just in time for the start of the sunset.

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