Monday, January 30


Because we work east coast time we tend to eat dinner earlier than back home.

We’re also in an apartment that has a TV close to the dining table.

So we’ve picked up the bad habit of switching on the Game Show Channel as we prepare and eat dinner.

Between 5 and 6 they play re-runs of the US version of Deal or No Deal.

I think the premise of the show is excellent. It’s knowledge of statistics and probability vs emotion and greed.

But I swear the show is like polonium. Both take years off my life expectancy.

Every show starts with me shouting at the TV.

“This talentless sack of air has no fucking chance.”

They then proceed to get a high offer, consider making a deal, and then their 3 most stupidest of friends - all traffic-cone sized dildos - tell them to keep going.

Argh! Don't get me started on Family Feud that starts at 6pm.

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