Tuesday, January 10

I think I'm homesick!

So it’s not California’s fault that the Pineapple Express is firing through the Bay Area bringing torrential rain and flooding.

The rain was so bad today I'm expecting frogs or locust tomorrow.

With a late afternoon walk out of the question we went to see a movie instead. 

And being the mirth-meisters we are, we chose Manchester by the Sea. 

Set on the North Shore of MA it takes place mostly in the bright, yet snowy winter that we chose to leave.

And for a whole 2 seconds, my old office on Cabot St in Beverly was on screen.

We were both strangely affected by the movie. Neither of us are originally from Massachusetts, but I guess after 16 years it's where we identify as being from.

So a few days into a move to California that I've been looking forward to for the past 2 months, I'm missing the 128, plowed snow, and cute Cape style houses by the sea.

I'll snap out of this as soon as the sun comes back out.

In the past few days the apartment handymen have come over. 

We asked them to fix the bed. It sounded like there was a gang-bang going on anytime either of us rolled over.

And Anne’s shower didn’t work, or her toilet flush. I generously offered up my (much smaller) bathroom. That’s what I do. I’m a fantastic husband. 

I also got an office chair. That was thrilling! 

Still raining outside.

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