Saturday, January 28

I think the next card might be a twelve

This morning a line snaked around the Palms. The queue was full of people grasping a coupon.

Yes, it was 'free shit Saturday'.

Someone in their family is going to be the lucky recipient of a small dicer for fruits and veg this coming birthday or Christmas.

For some reason I was reminded of these way better secret Santa gift options.

For lunch we headed West to meet Anne’s college friend Amy. She’s a teacher and for that she deserves a medal.

After lunch I had my shot at being a star for the day. I rolled 4 out of the 6 possible point numbers at Craps. That earns a payout of 25-1 if you play the Fire Bet. 

25-1 is good, as long as you don’t look at the next sentence.

If I’d hit the 5th it would have paid out at 250-1, and all 6 bags you a 1000-1 payout.

Later in the evening we hit Boulder Station where Anne and I played Blackjack.

The over-riding point of Blackjack is for the table to beat the dealer. As such the whole table should play to the same system of when to hit and when to stay. 

I remember playing for three hours straight once and towards the end of hour three I mistakenly hit instead of staying, and I got daggers from the old ladies at my table.

Tonight we were joined by a young Mexican man who had decided tonight was the night he was going to play Blackjack for the first time.

It may even have been the first time he'd tried counting to 21. I wouldn’t trust this kid to fold an ironing board.

One time he hit on 17 when the dealer was showing a 3.

Conversely he decided to say on 11, when she was showing a 10.


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