Friday, January 27

Leave the money on the dresser baby

Fans of Bruce Springsteen know that working men get paid on a Friday. 

It seemed they were all in the cashier line at Palace Station today as I tried in vain to cash in some chips. 

I’d say winnings but it was really only a few chips I kept to walk away with dignity. I never win at that place. 

The highlight was Tiffany our lunchtime waitress who decided to name Anne ‘beautiful’ for the whole lunch.

Next we kept a promise to Anne’s mom and visited the newest Vegas casino that is primarily built for a Chinese clientele. 

Lucky Dragon’s signs are mostly in Chinese, smoke that Mr President! 

It was like every other casino. Full of Asian ladies playing Pai Gow.

Next stop on our non-Strip tour was the Rio. Famous for my brother-in-law once saying, “They have the prettiest drinks girls”. 

Because of an Apple Maps snafu we parked at the other end of the hotel. Walked a mile to reach the casino. Didn’t like the vibe, and exited back to our car.

The waitresses outfits are still skimpy, but also a little frayed. 

And they didn’t have acrobats flying around the ceiling anymore. 


I generally find Blackjack a bit slow and boring. I prefer to lose my money fast! 

But I’m a sucker for a silly bet, and it seems each casino has some crazy blackjack side bet. 

There was one that I still couldn't work out despite sitting at the table for 30 minutes and losing on each deal.

After a long day out we headed up to our suite to find the money we left for the maid had been carefully moved from the pillow to the dresser.

They did this everyday. Are Vegas maids not allowed to take tips?

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