Monday, January 16


Just back from my daily morning stroll down to Starbucks in the Marin Mart.

I don’t really go for the coffee. Instead it’s my first chance to get some fresh air and bright California sunshine each morning.

It’s also a continuation of the love/hate relationship we have with the people who frequent both the yoga studio and the Pressed Juicery place next door selling beverages that even Starbucks would characterize as being “a bit pricey”.

Also on the way to Starbucks we pass a Soul Cycle. Unfortunately they’ve made the news for the wrong reasons this past week.

This was one of a few articles I read where the journalist but viral disease together with sweaty workout environment resulting in death.

And being the sucker I am for anything new I tried Starbuck’s latest remix of coffee and milk. Here’s their blurb.

Inside each coffee cherry are the seeds we’ve all come to know as coffee beans. Cascara is the dried fruit of the cherry itself. It lends delicious, subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple.

It tasted like a latte.

They really are running Taco Bell close for the number of ways you can re-invent and re-name a handful of ingredients.

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