Wednesday, January 18

Multiple Choice

My march towards old age is definitely picking up steam.

For a few years now I’ve subscribed to the idea that if you find something you like, buy multiples of it.

Particularly clothes. 

Thus I only have one brand of socks (Paul Smith), 2 Uniqlo ski jackets, 10 Prana T-Shirts, 4 pairs of Qor shorts, and I pretty much only wear Keen shoes. 

And let’s not even start to discuss slippers.

I fell in love with Bonobos Summer Weight Jeans last year. I stupidly only bought 3 pairs and one of them has already worn out (damn that thin summer fabric).

And they’re not selling them anymore!

Faced with a Jean crisis I went on a huge internet search for thin-weight, slim-fit jeans with a bit of stretch built in for my athletic excursions (read food indulgences).

When you throw shit against a wall, you don’t expect it ALL to stick. 

But in a never before seen miracle, all 7 pairs of jeans I ordered have fit perfectly. And I’ve still got 2 more to arrive.

To help visualize, here's a picture of another British middle-aged man modeling jeans.

Love the jeans Dan, not sure about the cardigan.

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