Sunday, January 15

Open House. Open Wallet

With the hullabaloo of the lease on our minds we thought it would be fun to visit some open houses today.

Survey said, “Ugh, uhhhhh”.

Our choices were a combination of what we would need, aligned with what’s affordable.

But affordable requires some Californian contextualizing. Half a million gets you less than a 1,000 sq. ft. And that's for 20 minutes outside of San Francisco.

First up was this one.

Admittedly it has an OK view from the balcony. Sadly the balcony is only a 4.2 tremor away from no longer being a balcony. If I was the real estate agent my most used phrase would be “Bijou”.

A note about the photos on the listing. They appear to have been shot on a digital camera from 1997.

Next up was this one.

Naturally, being more expensive I liked it. The apartment was very nice, with chic styling, a bigger balcony but with less of a view.

The photographer for this listing loves close-ups of fixtures and fittings.

The quote this time belongs to Anne. “For 3/4 of a million I’d expect the washer/dryer to be inside the apartment".

And so we went to number 3.

Bonus point for the first cat we’ve seen during this trip.

Inside we met the third nice real estate agent of the day. Honestly I’d find this job demoralizing.

This one was small and cramped, but enough about the agent, how was the apartment?

Again, a beige horror show and the best feature was the condo tennis court further down the road. We both gave it a backhand smash.

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