Saturday, January 14

Tales of the City

Sky = Blue. Sun = Out. So our destination was San Francisco.

There’s always that magical feeling of going over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Presidio towards Golden Gate Park. Why? Well it used to be Anne’s commute home when she lived in Western Addition. Not that she remembers it of course!

Today we parked on Fulton and were soon lost inside the Park. Our first destination was the Bison Paddock. Who knew that in this small corner of SF, big old bison roam around thinking they’re in a small enclave of Yellowstone?

I realize the photo looks like photoshopped bison clip art, but they're hardly going to let bison mingle with the joggers are they?

Invariably given our age one of us soon needed to pee. We saw a building with a chiseled stone sign that we thought said San Francisco Yacht Club. Guessing it would be a members only affair we happily readjusted our prejudices when  we realized it was San Francisco Model Yacht Club. Incredibly they allow non-model-yacht holders inside to pee.

As ever when we walk a park, we bemoan the lack of Shazam for Trees. We think we saw eucalyptus based on the smell, and lots of these twisty fellas.

It’s hard to ignore how San Francisco has changed. The place seems to be full of rich tech dudes with bitchin' frisbee skills. And older Asian women with oversized sun visors and poor dentistry.

After a 5.2 mile walk (thanks Strava) we earned a late-morning beverage. I’ve already forgot the name. It might have been Rise and Grind or some other cringe-worthy aphorism.

They had huge ginger cookies. And I love ginger cookies. Especially huge ones. Oddly they placed the cookie on a dinner plate that made me look even more gluttonous.

Today’s throwback 80s tune was Love Come Down by Evelyn "Champagne" King. For me, she was the female Colonel Abrams. Who I suspect was not a real Colonel.

And the captain of Captain and Tennille? Not a real captain.

Walking back to our car we saw this impressive park job.

We were back home by lunchtime. Still no lease beyond the start of February. But hey, that's weeks away.

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