Saturday, January 21

What Do We Want? Puns on Signs!

Once I learned men were allowed on the Womens' March I signed up for marching with Anne in Oakland.

What a wonderful feeling to be part of a peaceful protest as people from all over the Bay Area walked for a common cause.

After 10 minutes spent erroneously stood in the coffee line, we spent another 50 mingling with friends, and in my case applying pink cat ears.

At 11 we joined the throng (a word way too close to thong for my liking) and patiently awaited the signal to set off. 

Sadly, although 60,000 people had showed up, nobody had thought to say, “Let’s Go”. 

As the crowd kept shuffling forward squishing us closer and closer together, I tried my best to lose the feeling of agoraphobia by reading signs.

Helping to pass the time pre-march were the wonderfully entertaining, yet incredibly unsynchronized De-Gender-Ettes.

And then about an hour into the crushing shuffle we looked behind and realized there had been a breakaway faction who decided to march a different route.

Emboldened we joined them. Along the way we walked with a guy and his sound system. On loop was just the one song which appeared to be entitled, “Fuck T****” 

We eventually re-joined the main march and after 3 hours my FitBit revealed we’d walked … about 2 miles.

Overall a great morning among like-minded people.

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