Monday, February 13

A Simpler Day

My phone rang at 4am to inform me that the snow-induced parking ban in Cambridge was either starting or ending. I had just dropped back off when I got the follow up text.

I need to turn that shit off.

Breakfast was interrupted by cows. The Inn is a working farm and they came mooing across the scenery.

Spent the morning ambling around Kona. Took this one pretty photo in between watching overly fit seniors snorkel, and judging people who looked like they had come from Florida.

We decided to end 16 years of bad luck and go on our second whale watching tour.

In 2001 we spent 6 hours off the New England coast and saw one minke whale. I believe minke is Japanese for disappointedly small.

This time around we did see whales.

They would have looked like this if I had taken a photo. That’s what stock photography is for. 

The Floridian family opposite us on the top deck comprising of a deadbeat dad, poorly behaved child, dumbass grandma and not all there grandpa managed to knock over a drink 3 separate times. Did they think the holes in the tables were Whac-A-Mole?

It’s not the beverage on the child I was bothered about, it was the plastic cup falling into the ocean while the naturalist talks to the group about conservation and trash killing marine-life.

I got talking to a nice man from Seatlle and each time the kid or grannie knocked over the drink he muttered Jesus effing Christ under his breath.

Otherwise a tip-top time. We also saw dolphins. I took video of that but it turned out poorer than my selfies on Saturday.

Oh, something else that isn't tip-top, but I learned it today. Google cookiecutter shark. It's about the length of your forearm and it bites cookie-sized chunks out of dolphins, whales and seals. What a bastard.

Apparently a man was bit by one swimming from one Hawaiian island to another. He's not as innocent as the sea creatures.

Back at the cottage we found 5 geckoes hanging upside down on the roof of our deck. Love those guys!

Tonight we had dinner at a decidedly local place. Our server was a young man who had visited 65 countries including bicycling from England to Egypt. Nice kid.

We also popped into our local mart and repeated the “There is a foot of snow in Boston" line for the 15th time today.

Tomorrow we're heading for the Volcano National Park.


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