Thursday, February 23

Basic Human Rights

Of course I'm talking about High Speed Internet.

As that famous Muddy Waters track goes, "Woke up this morning, I had no wi-fi".

Calls to Comcast unsurprisingly revealed that our sub-letting agent hadn't payed the bill.

We've been waiting 6 weeks for a new lease so my hopes of getting this resolved quickly are about level with the speed of a white Mississippi cop solving the murder of an African American child in the 1950s. Or 2017 for that matter.

I managed to get through my work day but then this evening we had the ignominy of watching a TV show on a laptop. I'm 46. Only people under 35 do this!

We had binge watched 6 of 8 episodes of Paranoid the previous 2 nights, and almost pushed through to the end Wednesday.

Good show. Watch it!

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