Sunday, February 12

Fifty Shades of Pink

End of the day sat in a very Hawaiian robe in a pattern that screams, “not me”.

2 days and my transformation into a walking lobster is going well.

Today we headed back to the bay to snorkel. 

I ended up spending longer being told how to put the apparatus on than actually using it.

The flippers I could have done without but as soon as I stuck my head in the ocean I started hyper-ventilating like an asthmatic up a chimney. 

This is poor form when surrounded by children and seniors flippering around like fish.

Anne went and watched all of the beautiful bright fish of the Pacific Ocean. I put my plastic shoes back on and went wading in the area where the turtles hang out. I didn't have a dime for scale but this one was about 3 feet from head to flipper.

There were 4 turtles hanging out and the one furthest away had a rectangular box sticking out of his shell.

It appears they stuck a GPS to him but after less than a day he managed to snap the antenna off. The unit was supposed to drop off after 6 months but 2 years later it's still attached. I like to think the turtle is kind of giving a bit of an FU to the marine biology community.

This afternoon we headed north. Lava flows stretch all the way down to the ocean. They look other-wordlly. If that's a word?

As we hit the north side of the island you see the mountains of neighbouring Maui.

Dinner and sunset was a perfect way to end the day.

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