Friday, February 3

It’s 1917 out there

For Anne’s birthday late last year I created a Google Calendar with 365 days worth of silliness.

We’ve already celebrated Reject Fondue Day, I Had a Worse Dream Day (the day after MLK Jr Day), Talk Like Mary Poppins Day and National Bubble Bath Awareness Day.

Worryingly, today is Kick a Child Day. 

But worry not. 

Anne is not obliged to take each day literally (except for Tony!, Toni!, Toné! Hollaback Day).

But we do have some kids in our courtyard of 16 apartments and they play out everyday, often with their dad paying scant regard to them as he plays on his phone.

The kids are adorable. No X-Box, hover-boards or Pokémon for them. They each have a ball and a stick. 

I like that. It’s almost in hula hoop and orange for Christmas territory.

I’m curious why the dad stays outside with them. 

I think it’s because the mom is a high powered business lady on conference calls.

Anne thinks he’s just a good dad.

How old fashioned!

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