Friday, February 24

Jazz Hands

Friday night is Jazz Night at the Marin Mart! Look how clear Mt Tam is in the background too.

A clear, and NOT cold night - perfect for some outdoor jazz noodling and adult beverages after a stressful second day of no proper internet.

But yes, insert gasps here, it was too cold for the jazzy musicians to play outside.

I should explain Diesel isn't the clothing store. 

It's the local bookstore who by some miracle of shittiness manage to be that rare independent bookstore that you hate more than a multi-national. 

It might be the cardigan-clad owner with his painfully obsequious comments and recommendations. 

It may the locals with their expensive and fashionable canine accessories, or maybe I never find anything I like in there.


What you couldn't miss was the guitar and bass duet of James and John giving some funky fret workout while the locals enjoyed over-priced de-constructed tacos.

This is what was playing as I browsed the self-improvement section.

Just a small correction. It's Damon Albarn, although I'm sure he would approve.

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