Sunday, January 29

Laugh. Love. Liberate!

Our last day in Vegas. Time to dig into the back of the bag to find any loose change.

Despite (or maybe because of) my daily efforts at humor it takes a lot for Anne to laugh.

But once in awhile something tickles her so much she starts to cry tears of joy.

Today she ordered an iced coffee, went to the counter to add milk, but first she needed to pour out some coffee to create space.

She managed to accidentally tip all but a tablespoon’s worth of coffee into the bin.

But she still added milk. For that I love her.

But lucky in love = unlucky at gambling for Anne. 

Before she met me she hit a dozen Royal Flushes. In the 24 years since we became an item she has had zero.

I hit a Royal today. I’d love to say she delights in my good luck.

Yes. I’d love to say that...

As we waited for our flight back to SF I noticed our terminal had 4 Hudson News. Four? That’s the retail equivalent of having all 4 limbs amputated.

Arriving at SFO I found it curious that a group of policemen were traveling together and were allowed to take their guns with them.

That’s when I realized that peaceful protesters had closed down some of the airport.

We exited through a maze of back corridors. Once back in arrivals one of the protesters was kind enough to say she, “hoped our travel hadn’t been disrupted by their protests”. 

What a nice thing to say.

I say, "Keep protesting this evil racist douchebag!"

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