Saturday, February 4

Milk Good. Phone Bad.

Took the ferry down to SF today where we met Anne's old room-mate Kathleen, her star-child Molly and Molly's friend McKenna.

Lunch was my choice and I chose hip Mission joint Foreign Cinema.

Cool location, food so-so, cocktails top-notch!

Aftwerards Kathleen needed to pick out a jacket for her son so we headed down to the Marina.

Her daughter drove, with the 3 grown-ups in the back of Kath's BMW.

Hills + teenage driver = clenching of buttocks!

Kathleen suggested we finish our day with an Irish Coffee.

Not usually a fan, but what the hell. Halfway thru the first one, a table opened up. We sat, we talked. We ordered another.

Repeat four more times.

You shouldn't drink 6 Irish Coffees.

Nor should you mix them with nachos.

But it was fun listening to old room-mates try to remember their questionable behavior and high jinx from college and San Francisco days.

Best story of the day
Mindful we were hanging with teenagers I did my old dad trick of mentioning I thought for sometime that LOL meant Lots of Love rather than Laugh Out Loud.

Turns out Kath knew someone else who made that mistake.

This women discovered her mistake when she sent a commiserations card to a friend who had just lost her mom to cancer.

"Sorry your mom died, LOL."


Anyhow, during the whole day my lemon of an iPhone 7 slowly but very surely drained it's battery despite doing nothing other than telling me the time.

To be more specific it told me how long it was until the last ferry home.

We passed that. 

Finally Uber-ed home, a little worse for wear!

By then my phone was a brick, having passed the 2% and 1% marks.

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