Saturday, February 25

Mission Omissions

Can I get a Hallelujah? Boots, the man from Comcast arrived at 7.40am to give us back our internet and cable. Glory be!

After connecting our 11 devices (well there's only 2 of us here), we decided to celebrate by driving down into the Mission to eat over-priced bakery.

I'd read an interview in this month's Lonely Planet magazine. The owner of Craftsman and Wolves gave his favorite places to visit in San Francisco. And amazingly 80% of them were on one block of Valencia in the Mission.

We had coffee and snacks at CAW. I went for the Valrhona-chocolate chocolate (no idea why there are 2 chocolates in there) croissant with churro sugar. Anne chose banana bread with sprinkles of desiccated coconut.

We sat next to a guy who had their signature 'Rebel Within'. As owner William Werner says, "it's a study in complex simplicity". Yeah, read that again. Complex simplicity.

It looks like a muffin but it's made from sausage, asiago and green onion dough, with a soft-boiled egg nestled inside.

The guy next to us said, "It's alright but not worth $8". Thank you Jay Rayner.

After a short excursion to the small-batch chocolate shop next door (bean-to-bar is their phrase of choice), we headed up Mission and found a proper local bookstore. 

Books purchased we wandered back to the car, via a few more stores, and drove the short distance to Anne's old neighborhood. In the 90s it wasn't as nice, but now this cozy 'hood on Divisadero is full of beautiful people, yoga studios and small-plate restaurants.

We went large plate instead and enjoyed lunch at 4505 BBQ.

With full bellies we drove home, but not before we stopped at everyone's favorite liquor store, BevMo!

I'm more likely to frequent a store with an exclamation point included!

Referring back to the CAW interview, William had said his go-to tipple was Fernet.

It's not the easiest thing to like. I mixed it with Coke, Anne chose Orange. I also hear Ginger Ale works.

But bitter Italian drinks are definitely our thing at the moment.

Going to see if this stuff works in a Spritz by substituting the Aperol.

Those 11 devices? 2 phones, 2 iPads, 3 laptops, 1 desktop, 2 Apple TVs, and an Amazon Fire.

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