Saturday, February 18

Dame ohne BH?

Our final day. And a goodbye to the Ola'a Plantation Cottage that I felt we never pronounced correctly. We'll never forget your crank opened windows, infuriating wi-fi and spacious living room!

And a visual shout out to our white Hyundai Sonata that circled the island and even climbed to the top of a volcano.

We started with breakfast at the Lava Rock CafĂ© which has very quickly become our local haunt. 

Over the course of 3 separate visits it's been fun to people watch and work out the family or relationship dynamics.

We saw a punk of a kid remove his hat to say Grace with his grand-parents. Very sweet.

We saw frazzled tourists checking their watches and working out how little time they had to get back to their cruise ships in Hilo.

And numerous women traveling with their man and his parents. Some tried hard, some didn't. 

Heading west we made a stop at the Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. 

Some beach-combing and another color to tick off the (vaguely racist sounding) colored-beach list.

We drove past more coffee plantations, fresh fruit stands and macadamia nut growers. 

More random lava plains, and finally hit Kona again.

We couldn't resist one more paddle with the turtles.

Airport check-in was a breeze, and we even managed to spot the rarest of all creatures - the inefficient German. 

This family managed to hold me up on 3 separate occasions in the space of 1 hour. And lady ... wear a bra!

Our flight was quicker back to SF (4 hours). One hour of which was spent fielding worried commentary from the flight attendant about how frozen the Spinach Ravioli was. It was tasty when it finally arrived!

San Francisco was dry when we landed. The 'bombogenesis' having yet to arrive.

Our rental car for the next month has Car Play. I'm thrilled!

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