Thursday, February 16

Part 1. Part 2 will be better!

In the words of Patti LaBelle, I got a new attitude. After a hearty breakfast we pointed the car in the direction of the most southern part of the island (and therefore the most southern part of the US - take that Florida Keys).

Our destination the Green Sandy Beach at Papakolea.

At the end of the single lane road we were met by parked cars and some carny folk offering a 4-Wheel Drive to the beach.

With it being only 85°F we turned them down and set off on foot.

It wasn’t the hardest hike we’ve done, and it took only an hour walking through dunes made by both volcanoes and 4WD. Along the way we Aloha’d people and sang Val-der-ee, Val-der-ah.

And after many false dawns we arrived at the beach. 

It was OK. The sand isn’t ‘that’ green, in fact Anne stayed ‘up top’ while I ventured down to the beach level to be pissed off by Japanese tourists stealing the sand.

More 4WD return temptations were offered but instead we headed back on foot. Along the way I managed to convince a family to turn back saying it wasn’t worth the hike! To be fair the guy looked like he could walk forever, but his high maintenance wife was in a mohair sweater with fancy shoes and their 5 yr old was already at the point of tears and they’d only walked 10 minutes.

A few minutes later a couple from OK asked the same question. Again I said it wasn’t that great, but Anne’s “You’ll earn your dinner” seemed to spur the guy on to carry on walking.

Our shoes, clothes and skin were covered in sand - the ordinary kind, not this 'green stuff'. 

But a memorable hike!

I'm reminded of the classic Blackadder, when Lord Percy created the purist 'Green'. Alchemy indeed!

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