Thursday, February 16

Part 2 - What a (po)lava!

After a late lunch at the cornily titled Lava Rock Café (which in design terms we’d call a ‘me 2’ for their borrowed Hard Rock typography) we headed the other direction for a night boat tour of the lava exiting the land into the ocean.

The tour was very strict on weight, age, and medical issues. I half-lied about back issues. I was OK for weight and age!

The guy in charge said yesterday a woman had said she was “A little pregnant”. I realise this could mean she was a few weeks in, or if she came from the center of the country it may just have meant her half-brother had come inside her 2 hours previous.

So the picture above wasn't accurate for us. Our first surprise was we entered the boat via a step-ladder on dry land, then were driven to the jetty. Very cool!

The ride to the lava was exciting. You understood why it wasn’t for people with back issues!

As night crept in we first saw the PuʻʻŌʻō (yes, spell-checker just exploded!) in the distance with it’s lava running downhill in red glowing spots, and then you see the lava at the edge of the cliff. Wow.

The boat skipper went right up to the lava, to the point we all thought, “He’s not going to stop”. I started doing the calculation of how quickly the aluminum roof would melt!

So there you have it. 5 or 6 loops so each side of the boat got a good look. Probably about 30ft away. You could feel the heat on your face.

And then it was the 30 minute ride back. In pitch black and it started to rain. I had my hood down over my face while Anne went for the straight-jacket look with her raincoat.

Finally here's a take using the Slo-Mo function.

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