Tuesday, February 21

What's bugging me today?

Thanks for asking. Let me tell you.

There's a stop sign at the end of our complex. It's a sign that's easy to miss, so consequently the Marin cops park there and do a great business in handing out chicken-shit moving-violation tickets.

I've no real issue with that, but walking down to get coffee this morning we saw the car in the middle of this photo stop and reverse back to the cop. There's actually another stop sign just behind the cop car, but nobody takes any notice of that because it's just to make you remember there's a hotel next door.

The guy rolled back and it was obvious he knew the cop. A lady cop no less!

We kept walking, ordered coffee, waited patiently for our fu-fu order, and started walking back.

10 minutes later the cop and the guy were still talking. With his car parked in the middle of the road.

Under any other circumstances if anybody just parked their car in the middle of the road, the cops would be all over you like a bad suit.

The car on the right is having drive around them.

To quote Frank Costanza, "It's not just rude, it's stupid!".

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