Wednesday, February 8

What's wrong with my hair Jamal?

Ventured down to the Marin Mart today. 

Walked past the over-priced kitchenwares store, by the yoga studio, past the cushion shop (how they stay in business is beyond me) to Barber Lane, our local coiffeur.

Jamal was my Moroccan hairdresser. 

His customer before me was an older gent getting a pretty standard haircut. 

After a hot towel to the face and final brush off of stray hair Jamal took out his phone and photographed the old guy.

When it was my turn we shared the usual small-talk. Jamal was straight, apparently.

I got the hot towel treatment and although I didn’t want to be photographed ... I expected to be.

But he didn’t. And that bummed me out.

Here's a photo of the place. Jamal is to the left with his old guy. The lady was going onto a streetwalker conference after her shift finished.

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