Wednesday, February 22


The sun finally came out today after a few days of rain-ageddon.

We celebrated by taking a drive downtown and a walk along Crissy Field overlooking the Bay.

These crazy kite-surfers were out doing their thing. 

One guy nearly crashed into the Sausalito Ferry.

It's a lovely walk all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's also the place where I tried in vain a few years ago to get my (land) kite to work. 

No success despite parental help!

In other news the Coqui Frogs have returned!

Their amorous croaking fills the night-time air outside our apartment.

There's a part of Hawaii that has the same problem and they found that feeding them caffeine helps them 'go away'.

I don't know if go away is a euphemism for gases them to death or more literally would move them to the next town.

Currently we're still in 'that's cute' mode but I'll let you know if we morph into frog-killing coffee enablers.

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