Thursday, March 23

A note about Facebook frames

So a lone idiot drove a car killing 3 people, and then stabbed a policeman to death.

Horrible isn't it.

But I notice a common theme among my British Facebook friends who have added the Union Jack frame to their profile page. 

None of them live in London.

Congratulations on inserting yourself into a tragedy that didn't actually impact you.

I wonder what social media would have been like in the 70s and 80s when Britain had religious terrorist deaths every week from BOTH sides of the Irish nationalist troubles?

Meanwhile Trump Jr attacked Sadiq Khan for a sensible statement he made last year on Twitter. 

This reminded me of the stupid right-wing twat who stayed at my house last year and his assumption based on watching Fox News that London is run under some type of sharia law.

He even asserted that the outburst over a body-shaming ad being pulled from the Tube was because the muslim mayor demanded it. When I pointed out it was because of stupid gender rules, he said, "Why is everyone fat in London?"

What's my point? 

Make sure right wing idiots and newspapers don't shape the narrative. And don't confuse national spirit with nationalism.

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