Wednesday, March 29

Brexit Triggered

Hear that workers of Sunderland? Residents of Stoke? Brexit voters of all corners?

Laughter and clinking glasses.......

The politicians who have slashed your disability help, slashed your tax credits, gutted your NHS, cut your elderly care, libraries, and underfunded your councils celebrating Brexit.

But not for the reasons you were told to vote for it.

Because the EU protections and workers rights legislation, the court protections, the ability for ordinary working Brits to better themselves working abroad, will never return.

And they have total control... to make sure you can't afford legal aid, work your socks off on zero hours contracts, can't just travel where you want.

And the real celebration? You aren't blaming them, instead you are blaming the patsies they set up.

Migrants that often keep the country working.

17.4 million voted to leave. In a country of 63 million.

Still, looks like the NHS is improving already doesn't it?

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