Wednesday, March 8


We picked out another walk from the Staircases of San Francisco book this afternoon.

Eureka Valley is tucked in between Twin Peaks and Castro and features the usual mix of stupendous hills, ornate staircases and outstanding views.

It also featured some excellent car notes. In a city of tight squeeze parking it’s always nice to see commentary.

We started on the corner of Elizabeth and Douglass - and you’re faced with a seemingly never ending staircase back up to Market Street.

Along the way we saw this classic parking job, only the driver must have to do this each day, such was their impossible road to driveway dip.

Side note, in the UK, roads with a significant dip often display a warning sign with the word DIP inside the red triangle. I also had a client whose first name was Dip, so every time I saw the sign I felt a sense of foreboding that my client was about to complain.

Dip Chotai was of Indian descent, but I spent my first 6 months at the company believing his name was Dick Showtime, which is my circus name.

Back to the walk. It yielded this wonderful view, looking back towards downtown.

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