Saturday, March 4

Pastries, Kittens, Wine & the horror of the Holocaust

We had a great day today. 

Starting with breakfast at The Mill, where they have a toast bar. What's not to love about that?

Then headed for KitTea Café (although not before we saw a man urinating in the middle of the street!).

KitTea Café was 1 hour of unadulterated kitten fun. The mew-balls were in full on play mode.

After a quick change of clothes (to stop allergically clacking, scratching and rubbing) we headed north to Sonoma wine country.

First stop was Coppola Winery, but a 2 hour wait for lunch switched our attention to Healdsburg. Boy was this place packed, mostly with drunken wine-drinkers stumbling around the town square with empty wine glass in hand.

We ate at the SHED. Real nice. Anne had the octopus I had chicken hash.

Afterwards we bought some chocolate flavored marshmallow, which reminded me of home alone Saturday nights as a kid mixing cocoa and sugar to get a sweet-tooth fix.

We drove the long way home through Russian River, down the ragged coast through Bodega Bay, and back through farmland (sheep, deer, goats and cows galore!).

To balance the happy go lucky day we watched Sophie’s Choice. Streep’s a tour-de-force!

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