Saturday, March 11

Saturday, Bloody Saturday

A first for both of us today. We took part in a parade!

Anne's old SF room-mate Kathleen invited us to drink, wave a flag and generally have a good time while her husband and his band banged out some groovy 60s tunes, on their Fleadh Cheoil themed float for San Francisco's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

I took this photo because it's not everyday you see an Asian brass band. 

Once they started marching Anne and I were worried for the kid at the back with a giant glockenspiel attached to his tiny 80lb torso. I'll be shocked if that kids doesn't end up with back issues.

It was only afterwards as I flicked thru photos that I noticed the unfortunate name of the store. 

Seriously, if I was named Adolph Gasser I would change my name. (and kick my parents!)

Obviously as a Protestant Englishman I'm keenly aware of the significance of being among a bunch of Irish, but hell if the Asian Brass Band are here I figured I'd just keep my mouth shut.

That was until the Sinn Fein fire truck rolled by. Holy shit, it's the political wing off the IRA - who tried to blow up my local book shop in the 80s!

The ride on the float was awesome, with thousands of people lining the street, singing, dancing and having a good time.

And the float looked great.

Apologies to Kath's husband Miles, who is playing harmonica, just out of shot in this video!

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